Checkweighers and control solutions of Swedish quality

We offer complete world-class solutions for dynamic weighing, product control, process control and quality assurance

We know checkweighers and product control

We have our roots in checkweighers and Teltek’s dynamic checkweighers are among the best available. 

Today, we are so much more. Teltek offer complete solutions for quality assurance, product control and automatic price and weight labeling.

Our solutions can be customized to fit your specific needs and have since 1984 helped the most eminent of companies to comply with regulations, save money and control their production flow.

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Why Teltek

We are the personal supplier to the most succesful and largest businesses


With a unique knowledge on regulations, we can guarantee that our products will help you to meet all standards and requirements.

Swedish Quality

Our checkweighers and solutions for product control and quality assurance are of world-class quality.


Our long experience and innovative mindset allows us to consequently offer efficient and value creating solutions.

We are proud of our achievements

We value the environment, quality and social responsibility

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Sales support responsible for distributors and Teltek's export of control solutions and dynamic checkweighers

Jimmy Österdahl

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Thimmie Andersson

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Anders Englund

Sales manager
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