We have our roots in checkweighers and today, Teltek's Swedish-quality checkweighers are among the best available. 

Our checkweighers can be customized after your individual needs and their precision will help your company to live up to complex standards and regulations.

Teltek's checkweighers will also help you save money. The checkweighers can adjust filling machines and as a consequence, minimize give-aways.

checkvåg, kontrollvåg, standard våg

Interested in Teltek's solutions? Contact us!

Sales support responsible for distributors and Teltek's export of control solutions and dynamic checkweighers

Jimmy Österdahl

Phone: +46 (0)19 311 508

Thimmie Andersson

Phone: +46 (0)19 277 30 65

Anders Englund

Sales manager
Phone: +46 (0)19 311 302


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