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Telteks solutions for dynamic weighing and product control are used in the food industry


Teltek's solutions are used for all types of packaged foods available in your supermarket. The solutions help food producers to ensure that regulations regarding weight and labeling are followed. 

Beyond helping our customers in the food industry to follow regulations, our solutions can detect contaminants in the products. Furthermore they minimize give-away by automatically adjusting filling systems. We are the safe and economic alternative for food producers.

Our competence and solutions have since 1984 helped food producers to:


Pharmaceuticals is a complex industry with several regulations and directives. By our long experience of working with pharma producers, we fulfill all necessary standards and posses all central documentation to offer secure and high-quality solutions. 

Our checkweighers help producers in the pharma industry to weigh blister packages, capsules and pills. Furthermore, our solutions ensure that the packages contain patient information leaflets. By choosing Teltek, you make sure that your consumers receive the right amount, and the right content.

Teltek's solutions help pharmaceutical producers to:

Telteks solutions for dynamic weighing and product control are used in the pharmaceutical industry
Telteks solutions for dynamic weighing and product control are used in several industries

Other industries

Teltek's checkweighers and control solutions are used in several other industries. Our checkweighers are in example used to help spike and screw producers to ensure that their packages contain the right amount. Another use case is where our checkweighers help rubber producers to make sure that containers contain the right amount of rubber mass for producing a tire.

Our solutions for detecting contaminants are widely used in several industries to protect both end-consumers and production equipment. By detecting unwanted objects in your products, your company will keep customers happy, and simultaneously avoid long stoppages and expensive repairs.

Teltek's checkweighers and product control solutions help companies to:

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Sales support responsible for distributors and Teltek's export of control solutions and dynamic checkweighers

Jimmy Österdahl

Phone: +46 (0)19 311 508
E-mail: jimmy.osterdahl@teltek.se

Thimmie Andersson

Phone: +46 (0)19 277 30 65
E-mail: thimmie.andersson@teltek.se

Anders Englund

Sales manager
Phone: +46 (0)19 311 302
E-mail: anders.englund@teltek.se


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