About Teltek

Our mission is to provide world-class solutions for weighing, controlling and quality-assured products

Teltek offer a wide range of solutions for weighing, control and quality assurance of products, mainly for pharmaceuticals and foods industries. Since the founding in 1984, Teltek has grown steadily and today, we are 30 employees delivering high-quality products to over 20 countries.

We continuously strive to remain in the technological forefront to offer solutions of the highest quality. Concurrently, we make sure to work closely with our customers to ensure that we develop products and solutions that create real value. 

Founded in 1984

A well-established company with long experience of control and quality assurance

Swedish quality

Our solutions are modern and among the best available in the market

20 countries

With our wide network of distributors we reach customers all over the world

Our core values

We shall be a leading company within product control and our solutions shall be founded on knowledge, availability, security and create real value for our customers. By our proactive work within environment, work environment and quality management we strive to minimize our environmental effect as well as maintaining and building great business relationships. 

Teltek posses knowledge on regulations and directives within product control


We continuously strive to possess expert knowledge within our area

Teltek are available to quickly solve customer problems


We are flexible and have short decisions paths aiming to quickly satisfy customer needs

Teltek cutomize and work closely with its customers to fulfill their needs

Customer orientation

We develop solutions for today's and tomorrow's needs


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