We are always looking for new opportunities

We want to keep growing and are always open to new cooperation around the world. Contact us today to become a distributor!

As a distributor of our products and solutions, you can guarantee your customers world-class solutions for control, quality assurance and weighing.  

We want the best for both our distributors and their customers! Therefore, we educate our distributors to make sure that the users will have access to the service and support that they need. 

If you are a user of Teltek's solutions, you can contact us directly for spare parts. For service and support, please contact your distributor in first hand!

Swedish quality checkweighers and product control solutions for producers

Our distributors

See the map below to find your distributor. Can't find a distributor in your country? Contact us!

OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions Pty Ltd – productinspection.com

Wibe – weighingandinspection.eu

VME Service & Engineering BVBA – vme.be

Dansk Etiket Teknik  – etiketteknik.dk

ScanStore A/S – scanstore.dk

SCS UK Ltd – scsukltd.com

Cortex Oy – cortex.fi

Orat Oy – orat.fi

Cassel France SAS – casselfrance.fr

CASSEL Messtechnik GmbH – cassel-inspection.com

ULF-Tec GmbH  – ulf-tec.de

Control Technology Ind. Autom. – control-technology.gr

Astrapack Kft. – astrapack.hu

Service & Calibration Solutions Ltd – scsie.net

PROCONTROL S.r.l. – pro-control.it 

Segman – segman.com

Wibe – weighingandinspection.eu

Teltek – teltek.se 

MB Print

Ibercassel S.L – ibercassel.com

South Africa 
J-Pak (Pty) Ltd – jpak.co.za

Interested in becoming a distributor or buying our products?

Sales support responsible for distributors and Teltek's export of control solutions and dynamic checkweighers

Jimmy Österdahl

Phone: +46 (0)19 311 508
E-mail: jimmy.osterdahl@teltek.se

Thimmie Andersson

Tel: 019 277 30 65
E-post: thimmie.andersson@teltek.se

Anders Englund

Sales manager
Tel: 019 311 302
E-post: anders.englund@teltek.se


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