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A progressive company

We have big dreams and strive for continuous development. We achieve this by valuing the individual - Teltek is defined by its employees.

Working at Teltek

We value each individual - Teltek is defined by its employees!

Since every project is customized after customer needs, our employees face different and challenging tasks every day. We have a friendly atmosphere with short decision paths, where every employee can have an impact on both problem solving and decision making, no matter what role.

We always strive to develop Teltek and to continue our growth. This is achieved by valuing creativity, co-cooperativeness, and each individual's opinion and drive. 

  • A creative and progressive company
  • Every employee contribute with problem solving and to the development of Teltek
  • A friendly and helpful company culture

Meet one of our employees

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HR manager for Teltek, an innovative and growing company

Jenny Baly

HR Manager
Phone: +46 (0)19 311 534
E-mail: jenny.baly@teltek.se


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