Service and spare parts

We strive to offer market-leading service and support!

We offer service, support and spare parts for all our products and solutionsWe involve our service technicians already in the production of your products. By doing this, we can offer seamless transitions from product installation to following service and support. Furthermore, our distributors are continuously educated to ensure that all users of Teltek's products can access first-class service and support.

The economic loss of a production standstill is often significant. With a service agreement you can take proactive actions and make sure that your products are in good shape. We also offer control and calibration of detectors

If there is a problem with your Teltek product, it can often be solved by phone. Contact your local dealer or call our support hotline at +4619 311 503.

To prevent long idle times, you can make sure that all necessary spare parts are available in storage with Teltek's spare part package. kan du även vara helt säker på att just delarna du behöver finns i lager. 

Spare Parts

We offer customized spare parts packages! With a spare part package, you make sure that all necessary spare parts for your Teltek product are in storage. With the spare part package, you will avoid risking long and expensive standstills.

Spare parts for dynamic checkweighers, production control solutions and contaminants detection solutions

Teltek service agreement

Since long stoppages comes with large costs, proactive service is a must! With Teltek's service agreement, you can avoid large future expenses for a small investment today. Genom att använda er av Telteks serviceavtal kan ni med en liten investeringen idag, undvika stora kostnader i framtiden.

With a service agreement from Teltek, your products gets a qualified overhaul by skilled service technicians. The service include preventive maintenance and machines status evaluation. 

The service agreement is customized after your individual preferences regarding service frequency and scope.

Detector calibration and control

Make sure that you protect your machinery and your customers by continuously controlling your metal detectors and x-rays.

The agreement often include one service occasion per year where the functionality and sensitivity of your detectors are controlled, maintained and if necessary, adjusted. 

metalldetektor livsmedel

Contact us for spare parts or service!

Local dealer service

If missing in your region, contact:
Phone: +46 19 311 503

Spare parts

Phone: +46 19 311 300


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