We offer a complete series of Swedish-quality checkweighers that can be customized after your individual needs. 

The precision of our checkweighers will provide a guarantee that your company live up to regulations and standards regarding product weight.

Our checkweigher will also save your money. An automatic feedback function allow our checkweighers to communicate with other machines and optimize filling.

All our checkweigher models comes with a type approval certificate in accordance with MID 2014/32/EU which give you the possibility to use the weigher for ready packed products and for trade.

Our checkweighers

Teltek C80 Checkweigher

High precision, high speed! Teltek C80 enables you to use up to four weighing systems controlled by a mutual software. With this checkweigher solution, you can perform parallel dynamic weighing with maximal overview and control.

Teltek C80 checkweigher can be connected with filling machines and detection equipment. It supports data collection and can generate advanced statistics of production performance.

Standard models


Teltek Combo

All checkweighers can be combined with a metal detector.

A combined checkweigher and metal detector-system creates possibilities for both functions in small spaces.
The metal detector is normally mounted on the infeed conveyor of the checkweigher.

Teltek WPL

By combining Teltek's checkweighers with a price and/or weight labeling system, you can automatically label your products with necessary information, such as; weight, price, barcode and information concerning allergens.

Customized solutions

We customize all products according to your business and your requirements.

Selected videos

Interested in Teltek's solutions? Contact us!

Teltek säljare av dynamiska checkvågar och lösningar för produktkontroll

Anders Englund

Sales Manager
Phone: +46 (0)19 311 302

Sales support responsible for distributors and Teltek's export of control solutions and dynamic checkweighers

Jimmy Österdahl

Phone: +46 (0)19 311 508

Tim Österdahl

Phone: +46 (0)19 311 534


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